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RHOBH: “Maybe that’s what they don’t like. She’s the perfect woman.”

Hé bien. Last night’s episode of genuine Housewives of Beverly Hills definitely was dramatic, even if the allegations that the group wished to level against Lisa were commonly unclear at finest as well as petty complaining at worst. I’m not sure if that’s since the rest of the Housewives aren’t as wise as she is or since Bravo edited the episode to make Lisa look like she was being hounded by a gang of confused harpies, however either way, not much reality was established as well as some people cried as well as the other halves had fits over different things.

1. Puerto Rico is not the exact same as Costa Rica or Puerto Vallarta. Lisa, not so great with her Latin American geography. much better than Kim is with her Spanish, though. nobody let her order her own food in Puerto Rico, please. just Cokes. She’s got that part down.

2. We left the magical genuine Housewives world at the flight terminal for just a moment. The odd thing about truth shows like genuine Housewives as well as jersey shore is that, although the show claims to depict the cast members’ daily lives, they strenuously attempt to preserve an illusion of a world in which the cast is still not famous. It adds an additional layer of disingenuousness to shows that already need a considerable suspension of disbelief in behalf of their audiences, as well as getting to watch the paparazzi take their pictures for a moment was a unusual reminder that the world we’re shown on TV is not, objectively, the genuine one. The Housewives are actors, in a weird, post-modern sense of the word.

3. Blue is Yolanda’s color. She’s so blonde as well as tan as well as wonderful as well as it’s as though Yves Klein blue was just made to be on her body at all times. Des modèles! They truly aren’t like the rest of us at all.

4. genuine Housewives are afraid of wise people more than they are afraid of anything. That Lisa is strategic, conniving, a bit two-faced as well as not authentic in all her friendships is not, in as well as of itself, a issue for any type of of her frienemies. In fact, if she weren’t all of those things, preferably all at once, she wouldn’t make a extremely great genuine Housewives cast member as well as most likely would have been sent to whatever island Sheree from Atlanta as well as Alex from new York now online on. The issue is that Lisa’s all those things as well as smart, which is where she largely differs from her truth TV compatriots. The rest of the cast quite much proved that was what they were afraid of last night by nominating Yolanda, the smartest of the not-Lisas, to discuss as well as pick the day’s fight, even though the disagreement was truly Brandi’s as well as Kyle’s.

5. When was the last time Brandi called Lisa? You know, that’s an fascinating point. (And Lisa brought it up, since she’s smart. Please refer to the previous point.) Brandi’s now complaining that Lisa isn’t mothering her as heavily as she utilized to (although she previously complained this season that Lisa mothers her as well much), however what Brandi hasn’t detailed is exactly how she has tried to preserve their previously strong relationship. So…has she? Or did just sit there waiting on Lisa to friendship around her?

6. Lisa shoved a lot of tabloids in Brandi’s suitcase before palm Springs. The tabloids held fantastical rumors about Mauricio’s infidelity, as well as Brandi claims that Lisa shoved them in her bag not once, however twice before the group’s trip to palm Springs. Lisa, of course, denies it, as well as I believe she may be lying. mainly since it’s a brilliant method to stir the pot, as well as Lisa is great at strategizing.

7. These people extremely clearly online in a warm climate. The entire time I was enjoying them suggest on the beach, all I might believe was, does anyone comprehend exactly how many people I would kill to get an afternoon, just one single, solitary afternoon, on the beach at this point in winter? They didn’t even sunbathe, they just started arguing as well as storming off as well as questioning each other. If you believe back to the crazy Island episodes of genuine Housewives of new York, you’ll recall that they at least waited up until dinner time to fight.

8. Brandi wants Lisa to take a lie detector test. about exactly how much she likes Scheana, I think? Or at least that’s what it sounded like at first, up until Brandi got around to mentioning that she had heard Lisa understood Scheana was her ex-husband’s mistress long before she perhaps set them as much as run into each other at a celebration as well as combust. (In reality, it was most likely the producers, or at the extremely least, the producers as well as Lisa together, who had that idea. It was clearly a setup.)

9. Lisa’s basically been caught, however they’re having difficulty reeling her in. I don’t understand if all the allegations that have been leveled against Lisa are true, however since thEY semble principalement être la manipulation de complot des femmes au foyer de routine dans laquelle chaque acteur tente de s’engager avec divers niveaux de succès, je suis sûr qu’au moins quelques-uns d’entre eux le sont. Le casting, dans son ensemble, a essayé d’épingler Lisa pour quelques épisodes maintenant, ainsi que hier soir, ils ont fait leurs tentatives les plus directes. Lesquels étaient… juste à middling? Lisa a pleuré, ainsi que ses larmes semblent authentiques même si elles ne le sont pas car elle est une brit-lipon si raide dans la plupart des situations qu’elle est frappante de la voir bouleversée. En ne pleurant pas constamment Wolf dans d’autres arguments, Lisa s’est achetée un peu avantage de la question dans celle-ci, ce qui devrait être une leçon pour toutes les futures bravolébrités.

10. Maris, ne crie pas aux amis de vos femmes. Mauricio est apparu comme un intimidateur quand il l’a fait à Brandi la saison dernière, ainsi que Ken est apparu comme un hier soir, appelant les gens stupides ainsi que tout cela. Ce n’est pas digne, ce n’est pas pratique et cela n’aide pas Lisa à gagner l’argument. Je peux comprendre le désir de protéger votre conjoint, mais dans ces réseaux soigneusement construits d’alliances ainsi que la loyauté du public, ils devraient très probablement prendre leurs propres conseils et taire.

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