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The three ways I use My Louis Vuitton Neverfull pouches

It ought to go without saying that I love my handbag collection dearly, but I should acknowledge the fact that there is nothing useful or fiscally sensible about my hobby of purchasing a collection of designer handbags. hear me out, I’m an apparent purse enthusiast, but deep down I know that my bags are merely material indulgences. This isn’t a bad thing, but I’ll be the first to admit it is a pretty pricy hobby to have (as I’m sure many of you know), and I often find myself scoffing at the prices of handbags on my wishlist. It seems that bags keep getting smaller and prices keep getting higher, and it can be a difficult pill to swallow to part ways with such a big sum of money for a bag. When dropping four figures on an item, it can really feel like you are getting something teeny tiny in return (especially with the influx of small bags on the scene). It’s rare that I feel like I am really getting my money’s worth, even when I use and love a bag, but one designer handbag exception to this guideline is the Louis Vuitton Neverfull.

I’ve talked about my love for the Neverfull at length before, and although I’ve been favoring my leather bags much more than my LV’s as of late, my obsession with the Neverfull is still going strong. Yes, it is very functional and the epitome of a workhorse bag, but I think the value of the Neverfull is a primary element of why this style remains one of my favorites (and is the bag I typically recommend to a first-time designer bag acheteur). Louis Vuitton includes a zippered grasp with the purchase of the Neverfull, which is essentially adding another bag to your purchase. Although the grasp has been included with the Neverfull purchase for years, the novelty of the inclusion of a grasp has still not worn off on me.

When I purchased my first Neverfull I was pleased when I realized the grasp was included. I was shocked when the sales associate told me that the grasp was included totally free of charge when I purchased mine, especially because it was best after they started including them in 2014 (I lucked out!). I now own three Neverfulls, and for that reason own three of the pouches. Over the years, I have gone back and forth with how I use them. I’ve found that I use mine predominantly for three purposes.

The first way I use the pouch is as the bag is intended, as a clutch. The interior of the pouch has it’s own pocket and an exterior zipper, so I place my credit report card in the pocket and then use the body of the bag to store my phone, a lip gloss, a compact, and an inhaler. Not much else fits, as it is not the largest of clutches, but it is certainly functional. The grasp also comes with a removable hand strap, which I opt to attach only when using as a clutch.

Porte monnaie
The second way, and my favorite, of using the pouch is as a wallet. For months I researched designer wallets, I was identified to take the plunge and purchase an expensive, “grown-up” wallet. After looking and looking, I chose to get a Louis Vuitton coated canvas purse due to the durability. once I narrowed it down to LV wallets and began taking a look at their options, I realized I had a pouch sitting in my closet that could easily be used as a wallet. Yes, it’s longer than your common wallet, but it has a zipper and an interior pocket, which is good enough for me! I remove the hand strap because, after trial and error, it just ended up getting caught on too much inside my bag (especially my keys).

Cosmetics Case
The third way I use my pouch is as a cosmetics case. I have become really into cosmetics over the last year, particularly lipstick. for years I kept my make up routine pretty simple, but I’ve begun getting much more creative with my looks and experimenting with different shades and brands. In my true obsessive nature, I ended up purchasing about 15 shades of lipsticks during Black Friday and am still getting used to wearing them. I have a large cosmetics trunk where I house all of my makeup, but I carry the basics with me throughout the day for touch-ups. The LV Neverfull pouch is a ideal place to put a compact, a chapstick, a few shades lipstick, and some gum. If you don’t carry too much makeup during the day you could double up with your cards and your cosmetics, making a wallet-cosmetics pouch combo. everything in one place makes it simpler to find when you’re on the go.

How do you use your Neverfull pouches? are there any suggestions and tricks I am not thinking of?

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